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The Swiss Gold Annuity™


Swiss Gold AnnuityInflation and currency devaluation loom over investors' heads like specters, threatening to diminish or erase their life holdings. There can be little comfort or peace of mind for any investor whose assets are tied to today's volatile stock market.

Fortunately, some refuge can be had from the uncertain global economy. That refuge can be found in gold -- the preeminent store of value throughout recorded history. More and more investors today are turning to gold for the stability and value retention it offers.

No person wants to see their life savings wiped away by a poor investment, inflation or currency devaluation. Investing in gold mitigates this risk by securing your life savings in an asset that has always held its value. People throughout history have prized gold for its beauty and scarcity. Long after the demise of the Roman Empire, its gold coins still circulated though global markets.

Ten years ago, gold sold for less than $300 per ounce. Now, with its popularity as an investment vehicle at an all-time high, the price has risen to more than $1,800 per ounce. Gold is in the midst of an 11-year bull market and there is no indication that its value will stabilize or drop anytime soon. More and more investors are realizing that with governments controlling the production of paper money, most currencies – with the Swiss franc a notable exception – will continue to drop.

Switzerland has been a leading trader in gold since the Middle Ages. The financial and political climate of Switzerland makes it an ideal place to hold your gold. Of all the financial security options in Switzerland, the Swiss Gold Annuity™ is fast becoming the premier way for long-term investors to own gold.

The Swiss Gold Annuity™

Swiss Gold AnnuityThe Swiss Gold Annuity™ functions much like a personal holding structure. Investors request a special annuity policy from their insurer. In this policy, the insurer does not determine the policy's investments. Rather, the gold investments comprising your policy are made by an independent investment manager. These investments range from physical gold holdings to gold exchange-traded funds and shares in gold mines.

Like a Strategic Swiss Annuity™, your investment is held by a custodian bank in Liechtenstein. And like all Swiss annuity policies, your Swiss Gold Annuity™ is tax-deferred and covered by asset protection and privacy laws.

The minimum initial deposit for a Swiss Gold Annuity™ is 250,000 Swiss francs, or approximately $310,000 USD. We encourage you to refer to our currency converter to determine the minimum investment amount should you choose to invest using a different currency.

Only GONTHIER GROUP SA offers Swiss Gold Annuities™. Please fill out a proposal request form or contact us today with any inquiries you have about the investment opportunities afforded by The Swiss Gold Annuity™.